Windows.Device.Bluetooth not supported in Unity when connecting to MetaWear R

I trying to connect Meawear R from unity. As the plug-in to BLE is not provided with SDK, I read all posts regarding BLE, and understood that I need to use the UWP, using Windows.Device.Bluetooth as in the starter
As my Unity code was targeting PC, I converted my project to UWP, and tried to connect to the BLW. However, I spuriously discovered that Mono DOES NOT support Windows.Device.Bluetooth namespace.
Thus, now I figure out I need to develop C++ code to connect to BLE from win32 in order to connect it from Unity and attach it to the Meawear R, although MBientLab recommends connecting to Win10.
So I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is the only way to connect to BLE from Unity is by using win32 C++ DLL ?

**2 Is somebody succeeded to connect to Meawear R from unity and can share? **

I read this post, but its pretty old.

Any comments and advice are appreciated.

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