neopixel and rgb led support

What is different between normal RGB led strip and neopixel led strip
What type of led will support by metawear
What is WS2812 driver chip model led?
Normal RGB led strip is very cheaper than neopixel led, metawear can support individual normal RGB led ?


  • We have Neopixel drivers that support the 3-pin Neopixel strands which are based on the WS2812 driver chip.

    We don't support the 4 pin Neopixels and the 5V Neopixel strands for obvious reasons. We also don't support non-Neopixel LED strands.

    You can read more about the Neopixel and the differences between strands here:

  • Can i use single Neopixel LED separately with 3 pin ? (individual LED) 

    i have searched nexopixel with 3.7v, but all product have 5v power supply, (

    please confirm how can i get 3.7v neopixcel LED, send me a link to buy metawear supported Neopixcel LED

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    The voltage specs for Neopixels (NP from here on) is a little more nuanced than 3.7 vs 5 volts.  Individual and very short strands of lights will work fine @ 3.7 volts, but will be a little dimmer. The problem is, the NP's will kill the MetaWear battery pretty quick if you use them often.  if you want to beef it up with brighter lights or longer lasting, either use a "bigger" battery (a pack of normal batteries or a 9V) and step down the voltage to run the MW @ 3.7 and the NP voltage @ 5 with a regulator, or use two seperate batteries and daisy-chain the ground.

  • samsgate, please check out my old Neopixel guide:
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