Beacon feature

How do I get the hardware to act as a beacon? is it just clicking on "start beacon" on the metawear app? I did that but it doesn't work. I use different apps to search for beacons but nothing appears..


  • You have to disconnect from the device before it will start beaconing.
  • Ok.may I ask why we have to do that and instead beacon can't work once you are connected?
  • The MCU/stack we use does not support broadcasting while in a connection.
    Also that would be a BLE/beacon violation.
  • I'm running into similar troubles using the demo iOS app.

    I've done the following:
    1.)  started the demo app
    2.) connected to my device
    3.) pressed the 'Start iBeacon' button
    4.) Disconnected from device (using the 'Connected to device:' slider)
    5.) Scanned for the device using Estimote and 'Radius Networks - Locate'

    Any ideas what i could be doing wrong?
  • bdemers,
    I don't think you are doing anything wrong at all. It could be that you need to sniff the Beacon in the reverse byte order of the UUID you used.
    Is there a generic beacon sniffer App you can use that doesn't look for a specific UUID?
  • The Radius App doesn't look for specific id's.  You could also try a general Bluetooth Scanning app that looks for all bluetooth devices.  Based on the mac address you should see the device even if it is not broadcasting as a beacon with a bluetooth sniffer.
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