conneciton with metahub

Currently we make a series of tests of your sensors Metaware R+ to make sure of the feasibility to integrate them in our software ,and when we tried to connect 17 sensors with metahub card after adding 3 BT adapter and setting the env NOBLE_REPORT_ALL_HCI_EVENTS ,we found that the most of sensors were not detected while others were detected many times with different adapters. as a result some senors become obsolete and our systems didn't work correctly


    • What do these test entail?
    • How are you running the tests?
    • Do the boards work with the MetaBase app?
    • Use with nRF Connect to see if the boards are disconverable and can be connected to
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    to run the senors we used the app.js of metahub, i couldn't set different HCI for runing multi sensors simultaneously for example to connect sensor 1 with HCI0 and sensor 2 with HCI1 the command line NOBLE_HCI_DEVICE_ID=X npm start-- --device "Mac address 1 " allow you just to set one HCI before launching the streaming ,there is any (command line /config) to set multi HCI with devices ?

  • That question had already been answered in the other thread you posted it in.

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    hi i realized that even with 4 senors and one dongle the streaming didn't work stably ...and many times the app shows warning message like ''warn could not find device . xxx"

  • What sensors are you using and how fast are they streaming?

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