Way to save battery life?

Hi. I'm developing an android app with MetaMotionR.

Is RouteComponent.limit() helpful to save batteries?

Or not, is there any way to save battery?



  • No, that won't save battery.

    What sensors are you running and how fast are you sampling them?

  • Gyro, Orientation, Linear Acceleration

    SensorFusionBosch.correctedAngularVelocity().addRouteAsync( /* process data / );
    SensorFusionBosch.eulerAngles().addRouteAsync( /
    process data / );
    SensorFusionBosch.linearAcceleration().addRouteAsync( /
    process data */ );

    I'm currently testing on 100hz.

  • You're running the most power hungry sensor (gyro) and using sensor fusion. Either disable sensor fusion and run the gyro at a lower data rate, or attach a bigger LiPo battery.

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    Thank you!!

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