Whitelisting issues

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i'am currently trying to add some mac addresses to a whitelist to prevent other devices to access the MetaMotion C chip. To achieve this i use the python SDK wrapper and add MAC addresses by calling the 'mbl_mw_settings_add_whitelist_address' method first and afterwards i call the 'mbl_mw_settings_set_whitelist_filter_mode' method to set the desired mode. My code runs without errors.
But if i observe the behaviour of the chip afterwards it does kind of random stuff. Sometime it allows connect other devices, sometimes not, and sometimes even whitelisted devices cannot connect to the chip.

Am i missing something here? Or could you refer me to a good piece of documentation or an example?

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    Whitelisting is an experimental only feature right now for advanced developers, hence not documented nor mentioned, etc.

  • Thank you for this quick response. Could you provide me with some informations on this feature?
    We are working on a medical study application at our university and we were explicitly asked to use this feature.

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