Triggered logging after an event with MetaMotion C

I would like to use this sensor in a rather complicated scenario.
Can I set the device to start logging a very frequent accelerometer and gyro data after 3 seconds of free fall? (or if it stays 3 seconds close to vertical position) So the trigger of logging is some kind of state that comes from its sensor(s).
After that I would like to collect data with 400 or 800 Hz until x seconds. If the collection is finished, I would like to push that logged data to the tablet.
In "idle" while it is watching for the event I don't need as frequent sensor data, maybe 5-10 hz.
I also would like to start-stop this "event triggering watcher" from the tablet or pc.
Is the API capable of this kind of use-case? (at least partly)


    • The data rate cannot be changed without stopping the accelerometer.
    • Doing event based logging is possible
      • You will have to setup data processing chains to implement this.
  • Thank you.

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