Cordova Plugin Directly on top of Andorid / iOS APIs


I'm thinking about developing an apache Cordova plugin to implement some or all of (at least) the Android API functions.

The goal would be to provide a hybrid app with all of the capabilities provided by the API without using a general BLE library such as:

Does anyone know if such a thing already exists? Is anyone currently working on one? I don't want to reinvent the wheel if its already done.




    The Cordova page says it was last updated 5 months ago and I don't think many features were supported to begin with.
  • Thanks Eric. Yeah the ldeluca (IBM) plugin is the one I referenced above. Unfortunately she doesn't call the metawear api - she uses general purpose BLE gatt transactions to interact directly.

    I think having a cordova library implemented on top of the android api, iOS or both would be really beneficial for hybrid app developers.

    If anyone else is working on it - please chime in.
  • @matt1, I came here looking to see if the same thing existed.  I have not been able to find anything.  Maybe mbientlabs can create a repository for it on their github account and allow the community to build it out?

    I need to quickly prototype an app to collect data for some analysis from the field, so having a cordova plugin that could be used from the Ionic framework would be ideal.  I would be willing to contribute some time/pull requests to the project.
  • lwoodson,
    We can certainly do that. I can create a repository in our projects github page for you. You should send us an email so we can set it up.
  • Laura, I sent an email to  Thanks for allowing us to help.
  • Hi all,

    I wanted to know if there has been any progress in the creation of a repository for hybrid apps to access MetaWear's range of sensors.

    Any information on this would be great!

  • We setup a repo for the cordova plugin as requested but there hasn't been any activity there at all.

  • Actually some work has started on this over in my fork.  Let me pull it over.  It's still very much a work in progress,  needs documentation etc.,  but I would love to get help to make it better and any input on how to make it awesome!
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