Firmware upgrade path

Hello, I recently purchased a Metaware C. I have some great hopes for this device in my companies product line, but I am having significant issues with reliability and consistent behavior (though it works better on iOS devices, yay?)

Attached is the device screen with all of the information. From iOS of course.

I have tried many different ways to upgrade the firmware, hoping that this upgrade will solve some of the issues that I am seeing. No path that I have tried (Android MetaBase, Android Metabase from file (1.4.4), iOS MetaBase, iOS Metabase from file (1.4.4), nRF Connect DFU from file (1.4.4)) have succeeded. The device is stuck at 1.3.6.


  • What is the latest firmware that works on the Metaware C?
  • Is it possible to upgrade straight from 1.3.6 to 1.4.4?
  • If not, what is the path, and where can I find those files?

And if the firmware upgrade isn't possible or doesn't fix my problem...

  • Should I give up any hope of reliable comms on android? Even nRF Connect doesn't consistent see the device after about 5 seconds post boot, but the iOS is fine. (Mulitple Android devices, Samsung and Asus, as well as my two windows machine only see the device for a couple of seconds).

I really want this device to work, I am tried of soldering tiny arduino devices! We will buy many of these, and perhaps even buy some custom hardware design time if I can get this work....

Thanks for your time!


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    v1.4.4 is not supported on that version of the MetaWear C boards. You will need a MeraMotion C board instead or the version 0.5 of the MWC hardware.

    I will update the announcement post to include that information.

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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Ok, so 1.3.6 is the last, best firmware for the Metawear C board?

    Also, does this mean that the C is obsolete? The Metamotion has more stuff than I need, but if all of the effort and support is focused there, it is worth it for me to not spend time chasing bugs on unsupported hardware.


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    @Eric said:
    You will need a MeraMotion C board instead or the version 0.5 of the MWC hardware

    I don't know how many 0.5 MetaWear C are left in stock. Fill out the contact form stating how many you want to purchase. If the order is not high enough, it would be better to purchase MetaMotion C

  • Eric,

    Can you please ask your web/marketing team to make it clear on the website the the MetawearC is EOL, and that the MetaMotion is the new thing? It isn't anywhere, and it seems that y'all expect new customers to be in on the news.


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