Stop Vibration / Buzzer


I use the IHaptic module to send some vibrations to subjects (ex: 1 long vibration of 5000ms). The subject has to identify the type of vibration and as soon as he answered the question I need to stop the vibration. Even if the vibration is not finished, I need the vibration to stop immediately. I cannot success to stop vibration / buzzer for the moment.
May be I need a firmware which accepts a StopMotor command ?

Any help would be appreciated.


  • There is no "stop haptic* command currently implemented.

  • OK. Please think about it for next releases.


  • @ebadier Thanks for your comments. We are looking at adding either a dedicated stop command, allowing repeated calls to refresh the timer, or accepting 0ms duration as a parameter to turn off an active output. All of which would be able to meet your needs. I do not have an ETA at this time on a release.


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