Cannot activate haptic vibration

Hi, I'm trying to activate the haptic component with the code below, nothing happens. what am I doing wrong? perhaps some initialization that should be done?

final Haptic boardHaptic = board.getModule(Haptic.class);
boardHaptic.startBuzzer((short) 500);


  • Do you have a buzzer attached to the board?

  • No I don't, I thought that the board (MetaMotionR) has this inside. can you explain how to attach a buzzer to the board? the only visible interface is the micro-USB used for charging

  • The board has an HCD pin you can use to drive haptic devices. Check your board's datasheet to find where on the board the pin is located.

    If you aren't experienced with soldering micro-electronics, MbientLab does attach buzzers to the board. You will have to talk to support to see what they can do about your specific order.

  • ruthif,
    If you are looking for the haptic version of the board, you simply need to purchase the MetaMotionR+ version of our board.

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