sensorfusion tutorial app was working

But now it's not - did not change any of the code. Now all I see is blank white screen - before I saw a cube that moved as the motion sensor moved.

I have a MetaMotionC. My Smasung Android does not recognize it as a paired Bluetooth device.



  • Please post screenshots and more details.

  • Hi Laura, here's the latest error message (I was not getting it before):

    C:\Users\Tom.gradle\daemon\4.6\registry.bin (Access is denied)

    Thanks, Tom

  • Post the exact steps of what you did leading up to this issue.

  • Hi Eric, not much to tell you except I get that error even when I create a new project and accept all the defaults.

    6:30 PM Gradle sync started

    6:30 PM Gradle sync failed: C:\Users\Tom.gradle\daemon\4.6\registry.bin (Access is denied)
    Consult IDE log for more details (Help | Show Log) (497 ms)

  • That sounds like an issue with Android Studio, not with our code.

    Maybe this thread can help:

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