Metamotion R0.3 r0.3 within the CPP SDK is there a function to increase antenna gain?

Hi Mbientlabs,

We are using a RPI 3 with the metamotionr and find there is only 6.5m of useful range indoors (streaming 4 sensors, 2 at high speed). That's pretty realistic but I'm looking at trying to squeeze as much range out of the combination as possible.

I've seen posts stating modifying advertising settings can improve range I understand the parameters so will set that up shortly. I see this helping the initial connection but this IMO wont increase useful streaming range as it has nothing to do with signal strength when streaming.

I've put in a line of code to up the tx power to 4dB.

However In the post below Laura mentions iOS functions allow increasing antenna gain is the same possible for the CPP repository?

Also if anyone in the community tried to attach an external PCB antenna to pin 30 of the SOC I'd like any feedback on the process. Thanks.

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