IMUs communication failures

Hi, I'm having problems using your brand's MetaMotionR IMUs. The problems occur when I try to log data with three IMUs simultaneously. One of the problems is that at the time of downloading in my smartphone or laptop, although the IMUs' load bar reflects that the process is working in each device, the data is obtained only from one IMU and the other two continue recording. After this, in some occasions, it allows you to download the data of the IMUs that have failed, but the resulting file is an empty file (if it appears). In other occasions, it opens the download screen and it doesn't give you the option to download the data. Other times I get a synchronization failure of the same IMUs that are not downloaded or I just get the "Download failed" message. In all scenarios, the only option is to reset the IMUs, losing the data.

I've tried updating the firmware, resetting the IMUs and leaving them "sleeping" for a while.

None of the options worked for me.

This has already occurred several times. The last time (on December 2018) was solved by leaving the IMUs several days unused, but I can't keep not using the IMUs during days each time they fail.

I wrote this problems on your page yesterday. Then I was suggested to try downloading files with a laptop, I did so and another problem occurred. The windows application closed and I can't reopen it again. Also, I can't communicate with the IMUs with other devices and no matter how long I hold down the button on the devices, they don't reset.

I don't know what else I can try.



  • Usage Questions

    • What are the hardware and firmware versions of the boards?
    • What mobile device and OS are you using?
    • What sensors are using and how fast are you sampling them?

    General Testing Tips

    • Trystreaming data from the devices

      • make sure they are producing data
    • Put the boards individually through a log than download loop.

    • Test on an iOS device

    Windows Issues

    • Uninstall then reinstall the app.
    • Windows sometimes will maintain the ble connection. Try disappoint the Bluetooth adapter
  • Pictures? More info? More details? Reproducible steps please...

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