iOS API Update [2/17/2015] v1.5.0

Major new features! Check out the latest API here:

Please make sure to update the firmware version of your MetaWear board using the Android or iOS MetaWear Apps.

Feature update:

1) MetaWear Settings - Ability to change advertised name and other BLE level parameters.
2) System Restore Module - Ability to program commands to run at MetaWear boot time so they persist across reset and disconnect.
3) Timer Module - Ability to perform periodic events
4) I2C Module - Ability to perform raw I2C reads/writes to custom sensors attached to the board

Updates and Fixes:
1) Faster disconnection speeds
2) Plenty of other minor fixes

New API object:
To better encapsulate data that lives on the MetaWear, we are introducing the MBLData class. This object represents data that can be read or written, but not change asynchronously (those are MBLEvents).

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