No such module 'MetaWearCpp'


I've run into an odd problem, which is almost certainly my own fault.

I decided to start over with a fresh slate, so downloaded the starter project again ( I got the ZIP file (not git method).

Now, I've run this start project without problems before - just a few days ago. However, even with no changes, it just doesn't work now for some obscure reason. Well, the reason is as stated in the title - the build fails with error 'No such module 'MetaWearCpp'', which originates from the file 'DeviceInformation.swift' as it tries to import said library.

At first I figured I needed to do one or more of the steps described here:
And so I did, with no changes. Now I'm thinking maybe doing the steps again broke something? Like adding to the PATH variable once again.

Whatever the case, I'm at my wits end.
Sorry to once again bring such a trivial and no doubt self-inflicted problem. I just don't know where else to turn.



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    Follow the instructions exactly as described in the Swift tutorial I linked in your previous thread.

    If it tells you to use download with git, then use git, etc.

  • Hi Eric,

    I did that, followed to the letter (and it actually says I can just as well download the zip).

    In any case it's a moot point by now. I got another version from a colleague and that works perfectly, for some strange reason.


  • @Tobias,

    Thanks for the update. Could have been some outdated XCODE or missing libraries perhaps? Either way I am glad you got it working.
    Please follow the steps in our iOS tutorial on your next install:

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