Multi-role BLE development

Hi all,

I've been looking at building a prototype for a wearable tech project my team is working on.

I wondered if there was anyone on here who have looked into multi-role BLE development on this platform similar to this

Thanks, Greg


  • Hi Greg,

    We only support Peripheral and Broadcaster modes because of the firmware we use in the nrf52.

    That being said, Nordic does support other roles and also supports multiple roles at once but you would have to do that firmware development yourself.

    Please note that on the market today, very few devices support multiple roles as it is extremely hardware/battery/compute power intensive. Most of the devices that support multiple roles are on computers.

    So you should really ask yourself, if Fitbit and all of the other wearable tech gadgets on the market don't support multiple roles, does my product really need to? I can guaranteed you the answer

  • Thanks Laura, reassessing it there may be another way to do what I am proposing, especially as the battery consideration are high priority.

  • Always keep your projects simple.
    The more modes you support the more bugs your product will have, the harder and thus more costly it will be to develop and so on.
    As they say: Keep it simple!

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