MetaWear CPro Firmware Update: 1.2.5 -> 1.3.6 ('Cannot use firmware with this board')

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I recently tried to update the firmware in order to work with the sensor, but the
firmware update fails with message "Cannot use firmware (1.3.6) with this board".
I tried to update via "MetaBase" Android App after successfully connecting.

Current firmware is 1.2.5.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Kind regards


  • What is the board's model number and hardware revision?

  • Hello,

    Model: MetaWear CPro
    Modle Number: 2
    Firmware: 1.2.5
    Hardware: 0.3

    Kind regards.

  • Download this firmware file to your android device and use the manual DFU option (see the drop down menu in the top right corner) to install the firmware.

    Also, this is a MetaWear C Pro board, not a MetaMotion C board.

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