a metaware refuses to connect


one of our 6 devices is unconnectable. tried all sorts of ways to connect, to no avail. usually the device isnt visible. the closest i got is via metabase Windows. it shows the device with X on the icon, but when connecting to it, metaBase exits

tried to:

  • wake up by a quick press
  • charge
  • reset by 10-20 sec press
  • connect from windows bluetooth
  • connect from StarterApp
  • connect from metaBase android
    any ideas?



  • after 8 hours of charge, it started to work.
    so the question is: how do we replace its battery?

  • is it holding a charge or not? If its holding that charge it is ok.
    If not, I will give you steps to replace the battery (it takes time so we want to avoid this unless absolutely necessary).

  • Can you please tell me how much current should be supplied to the batteries when charging via the USB?


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