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We had purchased several batches of MetaMotionR sensors. Batch 1 is from summer of 2018 and Batch 2 is from spring 2019. We noticed that the battery life of Batch 1 is 2 to 3 times bigger than the battery life of Batch 2 under the exactly same workflow and load.

I opened a sensor from both batches and there seems to be a difference in the maker of the battery. The old one's maker is DISHY with battery type 401622, while the new batteries are from HYP. Are these batteries different and is this degradation expected?
Is there any change between the sensor from last summer to this summer?

Our workflow is to constantly connect the device with BLE and stream acceleration data at 50Hz.



  • The sensors from Batch 1 are actually MetaMotion RG.

    We tried an additional test: We used the old battery with the new sensors, however this doesn't seem to help and it seems that the battery is still drained fast - we will have the full test result in 12-18 hours.

    What are the big differences between MetaMotionR and RG? What can be draining more battery while using the same code?

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    We have multiple battery suppliers to guarantee stock at all times. Each battery maker will have subtle differences in process and shape and this is what you are experiencing. This is normal.
    Please note that lipo batteries do have life cycles of around 10k charges and do age over time. This is also what you are experiencing and it is normal.
    The MetaMotionR is a 9-axis IMU and the MetaWearRG was a previous 6-axis IMU generation that we no longer sell.
    The only things that drain the battery is the sensors, LED, and bluetooth. Turn them off when you don't need them to conserve battery.
    Finally, you do have the capability of using larger battery or battery banks.

  • Thank you for the reply.
    I've been going through a lot of debugging and we ruled out the battery as a problematic factor.
    Is there a reason that MetaMotionR would consume significantly more battery than MetaWearRG in the same setting? The IMU is different, but the biggest part of the power consumption will be the BLE connection and the chip between the two boards is almost identical?

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