Creating my own hub using Raspberry Pi 4


I downloaded iso images for the raspbian with meta base app already installed. I wanted to know whether your iso image could be installed on Raspberry Pi 4?

I already have a gateway hub but RPi 4 would be more powerful than RPi 3 being shipped as part of the gateway hub.



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    It should work just fine in theory. Try it out and let us know; I haven't been able to get my hands on a pi4 to try it out yet.

  • Dear Laura,

    I just got my hands on a pi 4. I installed the Raspbian image provided by MbientLab (i.e. Raspbian Stretch) and upgraded the OS to Raspbian Buster myself. I can confirm that the upgraded OS along with MbientLab software are working fine on Raspberry Pi 4.

    I think an easier solution might also be installing Raspbian Buster image directly from Raspberry Pi Foundation and then install MbientLab software from MbientLab's Github page. I have not tested this second solution though; and I will update when I get to test it out.


  • Thank you for the update!

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