Automatic call connectWithHandler when Metaware in Range

Is there a way for iOS app in background or suspend mode to automatic call connectWithHandler when metawear in range?

Will having it always connected when in range drain significant battery of metawear?


  • To use MetaWear in the background you first need to enable background mode "Uses Bluetooth LE Accessories" as show here:

    Then you can just call connectWithHandler: and the callback with complete whenever the specified MetaWear is in range.  The call to connectWithHandler: will never "time out" so iOS will continually look for the device, even if the app is in the background.

    Being in a connection does require more power from both the phone and MetaWear, but I don't have any quantitative data and it will vary by use case.  The most accurate way would be to run some experiments using your exact code.
  • Awesome. 

    Is there a delegate method I can implement say that the phone will automatically download the log when metawear when in range?
  • Did some research and I need a call back from didDisconnectPeripheral in order to call the connectWithHandler again. 
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