New to Android Studio (Old user of Eclipse) and Metawear Tutorials


How do i overcome the Migrate Project to Gradle error. I have tried the SOSTrigger app which claims to be built for Android Studio with Gradle build option but it fails to open and prompts the above error message.

Please let me know the way around



  • Samir, 
    Can you send us a snapshot of the error you are seeing?
  • Rather strange but I am unable to upload any snapshot using the above links
  • Post it on imgur and add the link to this thread.
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    How are you importing the project into Android Studio?  Also, what are the contents of the Metawear-SampleAndroidApp-master folder?
  • Contents of the master folder are as below
    3 folders .idea, app and gradle
    and some files

    Its downloaded from Github to local folder and then opened using File->Import Project in Android Studio

    Hope this helps
  • You import the project into Android Studio with the "Open an existing Android Studio project" option from the Android Studio welcome screen.  The option is under the "Quick Start" section.
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