Zero shift in sensor fused acceleration data


I'm currently attempting to integrate sensor fused linear acceleration data in order to find the velocity of a swimmer. Here is a graph of velocity that was obtained by integrating the linear acceleration values after denoising procedures were applied.

The graph is inaccurate. It seems as if the sensor is "losing its frame of reference" after the dive and after each turn.

I was wondering what I would have to do to avoid this behavior.

I'm logging data using an MMC board and collecting data through the MetaBase app for IOS. I'm logging both the "quaternion" values as well as the "linear acceleration" values on the app.

Also, I was curious as to the sensor fusion configurations that the app uses in terms of acceleration range and gyroscope range as well as what sensor fusion mode is being used.

Board information:
-- Hardware [0.2]
-- Firmware [1.4.5]
-- Model number [6]

Host Device
-- Iphone 8
-- IOS 13.1.2

Many thanks.

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