Connecting Specific MAC to Unique USB dongle of Metahub

First time poster - apologies if this question has been brought up previously (I swear I looked).

As the title states, I am using a metahub to connect three MMR sensors. I also have 3 bluetooth dongles and would like to pair each sensors to a specific dongle in an attempt to reduce data streaming latency. I am using the config file to identify the specific sensor mode (streaming), collection frequency (100 hz), and signal (accel). At this time I am not inputting anything into the portal, just opening the metabase app everytime i want to collect a trial (using sensors on human participants).

Limited coding experience (Matlab), thanks for the patience. I am happy to post the configuration file text if helpful.

Bonus if anyone can tell me how to suppress the graphs within the config file or if i will need to run this through a script in the terminal.

Thanks for the thoughts and support,


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