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I was one of the original mbient kickstarter sponsors. I got the kit, but was just daunted by the IOS developer registration.I don't have a mac so I thought that I could not implement the IOS version anyway. The android SDK tutorial sounds just too difficult. So I think the concept was great but not simple enough for me to actually use. The mbient stuff has been sitting in a box since I got it. I think the idea is great and idiot that I am - I actually became a backer of the 2.0 version today. I fear that that my contribution is more of a charity since it is extremely unlikely that I will use the 2.0 version either.

I am pretty good with arduino's and PICs but somehow the mbient system just seems too confusing. It's like the raspberry pi - of which I have several - but they also all live in the scrap box. The linux system is just to complex - too many libraries to download - too many commands that make no sense - just do it by rote - endless crashes and unreliable operation. I'll say one thing - the arduino is simple and the IDE fairly solid. I use teensyduino extensively for a commercial product and it is rock solid.

I am not sure why I am writing this rant. I am not looking for a solution. I wish you guys at mbient luck and maybe my backing helps you out in what should be a great product.




  • Hey heliboy,

    Are you in the bay area by any chance?
  • Negative. NJ near NYC.
  • Oh no, otherwise I wouldn't mind getting together and building something! Let us know if you are ever in the bay.
  • Hey heliboy!

    Are you comfortable with more of the web based technologies like Cordova/Phonegap?  I'm asking because it might be possible at some point to offer Metawear plugins for it.

    Also,  are you comfortable with Android development in general?  If you are I'm gong to be in Boston in late July teaching a session on getting started with the Metawear Android API.  It's going to be a half day session that is part of Andevcon.  I'm also based in Atlanta so if you find yourself down here or want to trek up there for the conference I could definitely help you out.

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