Scanning happens forever

I downloaded the Metawear app from the store and also the sample IOS app from Github. I tested it on my iPad (iPad2 - 8.3) - but the scanning for devices happens forever. I tested my board with the Android sample app, and seems to work perfectly on that. So I am suspecting that there is something missing while it scans for the device. Anything that I'm missing out?


  • Is it scanning and not finding the device or staying in a continuous scanning loop on the apple device.  If it is the former,  make sure that you disconnect from the Android device before trying to pair it with the Apple device.

    From what I have found it doesn't get detected by the scanning phase if it is already paired to another device/application.
  • It stays on a continuous loop on the ios device.
  • Ok,  I think the constant scanning is normal behavior until you connect to a device.  I don't have your exact device but am seeing the same behavior (constant scanning) with a iphone 4s and 6plus....I have a Ipad 3 (the first retina),  but it's not charged right now so I can't check on that.  With that being said it does find my units so that I could connect to them.

    Did you make sure it was disconnected from all other paired apps before trying to connect with your IOS device.  I'm still suspicious that this is your problem.  I think,  and Laura can confirm this,  that if you reset the board it will unpair it as well.  

    To reset the module you can press the micro-push button at the same time that you plug in the USB cable (this will trigger a device reset).
    You can also trigger a reset using any of the mobile Apps.
    Finally, shorting pin 20 on the board (reset pin) to ground will trigger a reset.
  • The continuous scanning is the default behavior of the iOS App. It will stop scanning after you connect to a device.
  • I tried the reset using the micro push button. Not sure if it was indeed reset. How long does the scanning usually take? It gets detected immediately on the Android. Also, I've uninstalled the app on Android.
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