Drawbacks of anonymous routes for downloading data

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I wanted to ask for some further information about anonymous routes (as described here)
What exactly are its drawbacks?
You stated here, that anonymous routes can not be used in combination with macros or data processing. What exactly does this mean? If I did use these features, what happens when I call createAnonymousRoutes?

You also recommended NOT using anonymous routes when there is a serialized state. Why not? And what are other drawbacks when using anonymous routes?


  • Is there any insight you can share with me?

  • It has been two months now. I would be really interested in a response.
    Am I asking unreasonable questions? If so, please tell me :)

  • As stated in the documentation:

    They are used to retrieved logged data from a board that was not programmed by the current Android device.

    There's nothing else to discuss.

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    Thanks. But unfortunately that does not answer any of my questions.
    Anonymous routes can also be used to retrieve data that was programmed by the current device. Is there any reason why they should not be used that way?
    Are there any drawbacks in using anonymous routes in general?

    The reason why I am asking is that there have been instances when the serialized board state seems not to be in line with the actual board state anymore (we haven't figured out yet why. But it seems to happen when the board has lost power).
    In these instances, downloading log-data will lead to some routes not being caught by your API (but since they are downloaded from the board, they get deleted which means that data from up to a month of logging get lost).

    To circumvent that problem, we use anonymous routes to get a list of all found routes before starting the process of downloading. When the serialized board state is faulty, createAnonymousRoutes will find routes with different identifiers than the ones we programmed before. So we are warned and can act accordingly.

    This approach has been working very good so far. But you stated that we should not use anonymous routes, especially when using macros or data processing. My question is: Why not?

  • I really dont understand why you seem to evade / ignore my questions. You must have a reason when you advise not using anonymous routes when there is a serialized state or when macros or data processing is used.
    All I want to know is why not..?

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