Wrong magnetometer measurements


I have two MMR Sensors and both are showing wrong magnetometer measurements with constant -0.002048 value in x and y and unreasonable values in z.
I'm using the MetaBase application in android.
I suspect there is a hardware problem but I'm not sure since it occurs in both sensors.
Tried to search for similar discussions but could not find.

I would appreciate your advice.


  • Maybe you need to calibrate your sensor

  • @nekos said:
    Maybe you need to calibrate your sensor

    Is it possible that the calibration is so out of tune that the sensors are saturated with a minus sign?
    And please consider that the sensors are new; meaning that they supposed to be calibrated..

  • Is it an MMR+?

  • @Laura said:
    Is it an MMR+?

    I'm not sure since I don't have access to the sensor right now.
    But it was surely not vibrating when I used it.
    Does this helps?

  • Basically, any magnet in the surroundings, the battery, the coin vibration motor, even just a nearby pieces of magnetized metal will affect the measurements of the magnetometer. Without additional information on your setup, I cannot comment on your magnetometer values.

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