Live streaming to android/iOS?

Probably a really stupid question...…..
Is it possible to live stream accelerometer data from MMC device to Metabase App - either Android or Apple - in graph form - as happens when device is first setup to demonstrate the device working.


  • Yes you can stream but you cannot graph on the smartphone MetaBase App (ios and android)

    If you want to graph live data you have to do it on the Linux or Windows metabase App.

    Linux and Windows have enough screenspace and processing power to graph life. It is too difficult to graph sensor data for 12 some sensor on tiny smartphone screen so we do not support it. That being said, you could make your own graphic App using our APIs.

    Please see our tutorials for more information.

  • OK & understood,
    In the short term, I need a quick fix to demonstrate how our product would work to a customer to secure further funding/resource for our project.

    I'm not concerned about resolution or update rate, but at this stage it would be very helpful to have a graph which displays on a readily available handset to use in an upcoming demonstration. When we get past the funding issue, I can look to get some help in with app writing - it's not my skillset.

    Is there perhaps an alternative app to Metabase that may get me past this first hurdle?
    Many thanks

  • Again, you can use the MetaBase windows app or just make your own with our APIs.

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