Firmware 1.5.0

For MMR/MMC only! Bluetooth 5 is here!


  1. Updates softdevice
  2. Updates bootloader
  3. Updates firmware to BLE 5.1 spec


  • Thank you. That's HUGE improvement for MMR/MCC! One suggestion tho, can you write an article or something where you explain how these changes will affect us?

  • BLE5 has been written about quite a lot already so I think it is best to point you to Nordic's blog on this:

  • So there is no need to update your APIs? Updating the firmware to 1.5.0 will automatically change all ble connections to 5.1? What if my phone doesn't support ble 5.1 spec?

  • Great great job!!!
    With my 3 usual MMR streaming at 100Hz to an iPhone X, I made some new tests this week in indoor crowded and hostile 2.4GHz environment, and I do confirm that everything worked well this time - no disconnection, no data loss! Really a great firmware update !

  • @patrice, much thanks for the update!

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