multiple outputs for pulseDetectorOfEventWithThreshold?

Is there a way to specific multiple outputs for pulseDetectorOfEventWithThreshold?  I would like both width and peak (separately not as an area).  Is that possible?


  • You could just create 2 different events (one with MBLPulseOutputWidth, other with MBLPulseOutputPeak) and then subscribe to both.
  • So only option is to create the 2 events and try to tie them together using the time stamp?
  • Correct, but since they are different events, they will have slightly different timestamps, so you would need to account for that as well.
  • So definately not ideal.  I assume there is no other way?
  • Not ideal I agree but there is no other way for the time being. 
    For our projects it is never really an issue because your log will look something like this:

    Timestamp: 12.32002 Event: X Data
    Timestamp: 12.32005 Event: Z Data

    So it is really easy to associate these two events, X and Z as happening at the same time.
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