Bosch Sensortec FusionLib after download

Can you please point out to me where to ask for access to Bosch Sensortec FusionLib software that can be embedded into an iOS app? I've found a reference that sales representatives of Bosch should be contacted and they can give access to the software, after signing a license agreement.
Do you guys know anything more? Is there a better way of running FusionLib on iOS with Mbient sensors?


  • You have to get in touch with BOSCH to get access to this information. Unfortunately it's out of our control.

  • @kustra I am also interested in this. What are you trying to do with FusionLib that can't be done with MbientLab's API?

  • Measure at higher frequency than 100Hz.
    Access orientation data (quaternions) and linear acceleration at the same time.
    More flexible calibration of sensor fusion, e.g. magnetometer-only calibration.

  • Are you sure that you can do that with FusionLib? Maybe i am wrong but streaming higher than 100Hz is a hardware related issue. Did you find a solution for that?

  • I don't need to stream the data right away. I can also store it on the sensor and download later.

  • @kustra, The sensor fusion lib from bosch doesn't allow more than 100Hz.

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