Request for Trouble-shooting regarding MetaHub


We have many IMU sensors(20ea / MetaMotionR & MetaMotionR+)

Before using MetaHub, our programmer has been using MetaMotionR+ in Windows setting. Since we needed to ensure the stability of connection when connecting two or more sensors, we purchased MetaHub as following this statement of your company, "If you want to connect more than 3 sensors simultaneously, you will need to use a Linux PC or use the MetaHub with multiple dongles. Programming is required."

After receiving the product, we have inserted 2ea dongle into MetaHub and employed the Metabase application, installed and provided by your company, in the relevant MetaHub's internal Linux setting in order to test the product. Moreover, we have tried a multiple MetaSensors connection by editing your company's config file. Although the connection seemed stable for 2ea of MetationR+, there have been one or two connection failures occurring for connection of 3 or more IMU sensors even when all of them were located within 20cm of the MetaHub.

In your MetaHub Guide, you have stated as the following:

"you can add a Bluetooth to USB Dongle to each port to connect to more MetaSensors. Each Dongle connects up to 7 additional sensors yielding at least 20 simultaneous MetaSensor connections on the MetaHub. This will require experience in programming."

"That being said, there will still be a data throughput limit at the OS and BLE link level and we recommend a max of 4 sensors per dongle for maximum reliability."

We are aware of the necessity of programming when connecting multiple sensors simultaneously, yet the connection is unstable by using the company's provided application. Even though the MetaHub has not been linked to other devices yet used alone, connection failures still occurred.

Please let me know what we have been missing throughout this process, and we will look forward to hearing from you.


  • You need to make sure using btmon and other ble tool that the connections are actually split up over the different dongles. That's the first and most important thing to do.
    Based on your details, it doesn't seem like the OS is actually dividing up the links over multiple dongles.

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