How to continue with matlab?

I'm using matlab 2020 and can connect to a device and get all services and charecaristics from the device.

Here is and example of what I see:

I don't see in the list above anything that can imply it contains streaming data from the accelometer.

What I'm looking for is the process flow from here to get streaming data from the accelometer. I not looking for a matlab tutorial but a general guidance of how to set up the device and start streaming data.
I would figure out alone how to do it with matlab.

Would appreciate any help on that.



  • Hi Omri,
    We do not support streaming into matlab. You can import our CSV files into matlab for post processing.

  • I guess that if I can connect to the device with matlab through standard BLE connection, I would be able to pull the streaming data.
    I just need to figure out how to configure the settings and pull the data.
    Again, I'm not asking for matlab support.
    What I'm asking is a reference that could be a starting point from which I can undestand alone the process flow of setting the device and streaming data through standad BLE connectino (with services and charecaristics of the BLE).
    Would appreciate if you can guide me to the starting point.

  • You need to use our APIs for that.

  • Which file in the api phrase the messages to the device?

  • It is up to you to decide based on what matlab will accept.

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