Metabase & Quaternions

I'm trying to use the metabase app to log quaternions and linear acceleration with a MMR. However the error occurs that the total transmission frequency cannot exceed 100 Hz per device. It would be sufficient if both would transmit with 50 Hz, but I can't adjust that on the Metabase app (I'm working on windows.). Is this not possible at the moment or should I try to program it by myself (I'm using python)?

An other question I have is if i can log accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer to later on use a sensor fusion library to "create" the quaternions and linear acceleration? Do you have any experience with that?

Thank you!


  • The Bosch sensor fusion is always 100Hz.
    If you want to change that you have to downsample using our APIs.

    You can stream the raw sensor data and use an external sensor fusion library if you want to. We don't have experience with that, we just use the BOSCH one that is already pre-loaded on our sensors. I recommend looking for free and open source sensor fusion libraries on the internet if you are going to go that way.

  • Thank you for the helpful answer!

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