MMR Failed to discover gatt characteristics (status = 3)

I recently purchased two MMRs and began working with these today after charging them.

One of these MMR refuses to connect in the python code example,**** My two older MMRs and the other new MMR has no issues. I use the older two MMRs for logging applications. The new ones are to be used for streaming applications.

The following is the error that I receive in the python code:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 11, in
File "C:\Users\mjupina\Documents\Vizard_user_files\MetaWear-SDK-Python-master\examples\", line 48, in
File "C:\Program Files\WorldViz\Vizard6\bin\lib\site-packages\mbientlab\metawear\", line 195, in connect
raise result[0]
mbientlab.warble.WarbleException: Failed to discover gatt characteristics (status = 3)

This MMR generating this error does connect to the MetaBase App and does stream acc data, so why the connectivity problem in python?



  • Does it work with the metabase app?

  • Yes, this MMR works with the metabase app, so what is the difference between the app connecting to this MMR and the code making the connection to this MMR. My other three MMRs work reliably with the code.

  • Maybe you have the MAC address wrong? try just the python scanning example to see if your python based machine detects the sensor and confirm the MAC address.

  • I will try the python scanning example as suggested when I get a chance, but the MAC address on the plastic package matches the MAC address shown in the MetaBase App so I believe that the MAC address is correct.

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    That's good. That eliminates some possible issues.
    Now focus on the python platform by testing other Python scripts and the python scanning example:

    Also you can try if just the standard btmon or bt tools on your computer to scan for the device:

  • The python scanning example did work. I tried the LED example and it turned the LED on but it didn't always turn it off so I had to use the MetaBase app to reset it to get the LED to turn off. The streaming example is now working. Since it is a new device, if I continue to see any intermittent performance with the Bluetooth then I will file a ticket to request a replacement. Since I have other MMRs, I have benchmarks to compare with this device.

  • Sounds good.

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