MetaMotionR+ and MetaBase app -> is the acceleration data "gravity free"?

I have been using the MetaMotionR+ to measure the acceleration and gyroscopic data of my right wrist. I'm using the MetaBase app to download the data in a CSV format.
I was wondering if the acceleration data was "gravity free", meaning whether the acceleration reported in the CSV files represents the acceleration caused by my wrist's movement only or gravity's effects are still baked-in the data.
I read your tutorials pages but couldn't find an exact answer for this...
Thank you!

EDIT: After a couple of hours looking for it, I finally found a post that made reference to this. I realize now that "Linear acceleration" is the "gravity free acceleration" data I was looking for. Thanks!


  • Hey btmdivet,

    You are right, we have a sensor fusion output for that and looks like you already found it!

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