"received_unknown_entry" JS API/ Temp Logging

Hey erveryone!

I ran into some problems while playing with the home delivered examples.
So first what does work? Conecting to a device and read its detailed information does work perfectly.

But when i try to log the temperature i just got a lot of "received_unknown_entry":

I copied the example from https://github.com/mbientlab/MetaWear-SDK-JavaScript/blob/master/examples/log_temp.js after a few hours, but i get the same message.

Thanks for your help !



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    I don't have this problem when I run it.

    Try to clear your sensor memory (use full_reset) and provide more information if you expect any support.

    My guess is you are running back to back examples of logging sensor data without clearing and/or fully downloading the data between each run.

    These are simple examples and code snippets and are not meant to be used in a real case scenario without further development.
    You would need to beef up the code and handle misconnections, disconnections, resets, and so on in a real case scenario.
    Again these are examples so you can get familiar with our APIs, not deployment ready code...

  • Why should i use a example code in production? Never said that.
    I just try to get famliliar with your API....

    Anyway, thank you. Ill try the hard reset and will not bother you further.

  • @monitoriota,
    You are welcome to bother us but you need to make sure you post appropriate question with code or other supportive material.

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