Windows 10 unable to discover metawear with bluetooth card

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My installation has been installed for 3 months using bluetooth card.

First, everything went fine but suddenly today windows lost connection with the only metawear that I've been using for 3 months. I've tried soft reset, put to sleep, update firmware and none of those helps.

Weirdest thing is only mobile iOS/Android can discover it but not on Windows 10.

Update 1: I tried with another dongle and it can connect with windows 10 bluetooth now. but my python script stuck at Connecting without throwing any error, I don't know why.

Update 2: using it found the MetaWear but cannot connect... stuck forever

Please help


  • If your smartphone can discover it but not your PC then unfortunately this has nothing to do with our sensors so it is outside the realm of this forum.

    It mostly sounds like your PC bluetooth drivers crashed. Maybe try to reinstall them? Maybe your dongle failed? Try searching google for help debugging bluetooth on Windows.

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