ANCS App not working?

I successfully installed the ANCS app in my iPhone 6 running iOS 8.3. The pairing works, the green LED blinks, I can add a notification contact, but the metawear does not respond when I am being called or sent a text from any of the two contacts I defined. Any ideas? 


  • edumana,

    ANCS is not guaranteed by Apple standards (sometimes it can miss one notification out of 100 and that is ok). Perhaps you just need to trigger a few more times to set it up.

    For me this is what works:
    1) First delete all my old notifications from my phone (I clean everything up).
    2) Set up the ANCS app, pair my MetaWear with my phone, make sure everything is kosher...
    3) Set up a simple SMS trigger with my roomate's phone and test it a few times. 
    Most times ANCS will not send the first SMS notification but the second notification will work just fine (and all the ones after that as well).

    Try a few different triggers and tests and let me know how it goes. Try something simple like an SMS from a family member and test it a few times.
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