BLE throughput issues since iOS 13.4.1 release and also newest 13.5

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With my 3 usual MMR and an iPhone X, until now, I had never had issues to stream quaternion and gyro together at 100Hz indoor (moreover with an Apple Watch paired and connected), but since the last iOS update, first with the 13.4.1 and then the 13.5, I looks like I had throughput QoS issues with alternalively at least one sensor running below 100 Hz and even 50Hz.

Am I alone to meet these new issues with iOS ?
Could it be a covid19 api effect ?


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    Did you check the iOS update notes? Are others having this issue? In the past, Apple has had ble bugs in the latest iOS, please check their release notes.
    PS: I'm on 13.2 and the speed is still glorious. I might update later this week and let you know if I am having similar issues.

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