Breakout / connector hardware for 1.27 mm pitch

I'm interested to hear what type (brand / model) of cables, headers, connectors people are using with the MetaWear.

I would like to connect to the two rows of four pins (# 4 to 7 and 8 to 11) while the Metawear is in a case.

However, even if female headers can be mounted to the pcb, the 1.27 mm pitch (almost JST GH) really restricts the wire gauge (from an external sensor for example) that could fit.

So now I'm looking for a cable where one end is 4-pins at 1.27 mm to solder to the pcb, and the other end is ideally a larger pitch connector.

For headers, two options on Digikey are  (1)  and  (2).   For cable this is as best I have found so far

For reference, there is this thread about detaching the battery, but they seem to be jamming 0.1" gauge pins into the 1.27 mm spacing, probably works for cases of only 2 pins.
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