Beaconing for room location metasensor

Looking to see if any has a project or use case using a metasensor in beacon mode, with metahubs to alert user regarding location of metasensor. Goal is for user to wear metasensor and receive alerts when passing through a doorway w/ metahub in proximity.


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    One group did this in an elderly home where each elderly person wore a metasensor bracelet. It would beacon all the time.

    Then, various gateway hubs in the home would pick up the bluetooth signals and relay this via wifi/lan to a server.

    The server would map out the location of each person (in real time - this was hundreds of people in large nursing homes).

    Of course, you have to intelligently position the hubs and create a map of the home on the backend (combined with some intelligence that does the mapping). You also have to attach the mac address of a sensor to a person for the mapping to work. It's easy but lots of tedious work.

  • Thank you Laura. Sounds straight forward yet tedious for sure. Did this group publish anything?

    I'll do some research... Do you happen to know of any references where I could learn more about mapping on the backend? I know out of your lane, so no expectation that you'd know that...

  • This group did not publish anything public unfortunately. You can google metasensors and beacons and see if anything comes up.

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