Serial port communication from the C sharp api

Hi can the C sharp api connect to the serial port to send data to an arduino Connected to the computer.


  • Hi @kracikiran,
    We don't support serial communication. Only Bluetooth low energy.

  • Thanks Laura is there a work around to send a control signal to a microcontroller from the api ?

  • No, there is no workaround.

  • Will an mqtt work with the api?

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    Our sensors use bluetooth, not wifi or lan.

  • Thanks Laura, I meant once I recieve the data from the sensors in to the api( which It does) , is it possible to use the api running on my desktop to connect to an mqtt client and use the mqtt client to send a control signal to an arduino ?

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    Our APIs get the data via the bluetooth link from the sensors (our APIs just talk to the sensors over BLE).

    You can do anything you want with it after that.

    That means use mqtt to send it to your amazon instance, email it to yourself, store in on a SD card on your Pi, store it on Dropbox or even send it to your MetaCloud...the options are endless.

    A reminder, our APIs only deal with the bluetooth access of the sensors data from the Metasensors, you write your own code after that.

  • Hi Laura , Thank you for letting me know. That is what I wanted to know. Thanks again.

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