downloading log data make windows app crash


I purchased an MMR sensor about a week ago.

I started a record with the sensor’ and recorded it for about 8 hours.

Ever since the record I cant unload the data because the MetaBase is collapsing when I try to download the data.

Also, the sensor cant be spotted by a Bluetooth device unless I reset it.

So now the sensor is still recording for about 2 days and can't be stopped.

Il be happy for your help.




  • Many folks are saying that Windows Bluetooth is extremely unreliable. Unfortunately this is outside of our scope since it's a Windows bug and you should report it to them.
    Please keep your Windows release up to date (update) and try to use different Bluetooth dongles (some work better with the latest Windows BLE drivers than others).

  • the android app also cant recognize the sensor

  • Yochai,
    Did you get it to connect with Android or iOS? Did you follow the steps at

  • Laura,
    Since Windows 10 Bluetooth is unreliable, would you have any suggestions for dongles to use with the MMR sensor? Thanks.

  • @maj,
    Make sure to lookout for Windows updates, they know BLE is an issue and should have addressed it by now. Update your system and see how it goes.
    I don't have any suggestions for specific dongles but our most reliable systems we put out in the real world were all Linux based.

  • Ok Thanks. I will make sure that my Windows 10 BLE drivers are up to date.

  • Keep us updated. Also make sure Bluetooth is on and functioning in the settings.

    Also some Windows machines come with Bluetooth but not BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy available in Bluetooth 4.2 or newer). You need to make sure your machine is BLE compliant.

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