Sensor Orientation

I see in the documentation when using the Bosch Accelerometer I can get the sensor orientation only when the sensor gets a change in it orientation. I am wondering if it is possible to get the initial orientation of the sensor before any movement occurs?


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    There is an orientation setting in the BOSCH BIM160 that works at all times that will tell you if it is in Landscape orientation or Horizontal and so on.
    This is in some of our example code (I know its in the swift example app).
    This does not require any motion to occur, it just tells you if the sensors is flat on a table or not.

  • Laura,

    I am not able to find the code. All I am seeing is:
    Orientation Detection
    The orientation detector alerts you when the sensor’s orientation changes between portrait/landscape and front/back. Data is represented as an MblMwSensorOrientation enum.

  • Yes that's it.
    We don't have many examples of this except in swift (and maybe in java). See the examples on github.

  • Laura,
    When I tried using that it only starts working once the sensor changes orientation. It does not give me the initial orientation. What I am looking for is when the sensor is first started before any motion occurs to get the starting orientation and then continue to get the orientation while the test is being performed.

  • Laura,
    Any ideas as to where I could find the samples?

  • The Swift MetaWearAPITest app has an example.

  • Laura,
    Any idea as to when the Android app is going to get updated to include an example?

  • Working on it this month.

  • Great. Thank you for the update.

  • Laura,
    Any updates on when the app will be updated?

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