Euler angle

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I have one question about Euler angle. Can I use Euler angles if my device is rotating full 360 degrees but only about one axis. I just want measure yaw (around Z-axis).

I thought that It can not be used only when full body is rotating and we have all three roll, pitch and yaw and one of them is more than 90 degrees. But I was reading the tutorials and I got confused. Could you please clear this doubt for me.

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  • Yes, it is ok if its one axis as long as you don't get gimbal lock (one of the other axis is the same).

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    Hi Laura, Thank you as always for your quick response.

    I am encountering very strange situation when measuring Euler angle. I am using Metamotion R and I am only interested in yaw of the object. There is no pitch and roll movement.

    I am attaching the measured Euler angle chart. And the readings are pretty good since they matches the theoretical yaw. I have the theoretical angle and the readings are showing me the same degrees of rotation more or less.

    **But the reading shows that the object is turning only anticlockwise (0 to 360) which is not true. The object is turning both clockwise and anticlockwise. **

    What am I missing here? I have used two different sensor both Metamotion R. I have more than 10 readings and all of them are more or less same. No clockwise rotation but the change of degree matches the theoretical angle change.

    Yaw Chart : Please look at the green trace. The red trace is nothing but incremental angle.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Hey @bhargav,
    I might have been wrong, euler might work for 180 degrees but quaternion would be the option for 360.

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