Need quaternion along with raw data

I am using metawear device for one of my projects. I am facing a problem regarding the output I need from it.
Metawear device either gives sensor data or quaternion data only one at a time but in my project I need both sensor(Acc, Gyro, Mag) and quaternion data simultaneously.
So it would be very helpful if you provide me some reference to how you are calculating quaternion using the raw sensor data so that I can get quaternion exactly same as metawear's along with the raw sensors data.


  • Unfortunately we only support quaternions OR raw data.

  • @Laura said:
    Unfortunately we only support quaternions OR raw data.

    Hello Laura,

    We have the same problem.

    We are planning to receive raw data from the sensor at first, then calculate orientation data using raw data. Do you have some recommended open-source repositories for this goal?

    many thanks.

  • Why not use the internal sensor fusion?
    I don't have any recommendations but there are many options out there (a little google-fu goes a long way). Just make sure it's from a reputable source.

  • Hey Laura,

    You said we can either get raw data or fusion data at the same time. However, I just noticed your app(MetaMotion) can get quaternion and acceleration data simultaneously.

    can we reach this goal using the python lib that you provide?

    All the best,

  • Hi Xiaorui,
    It is capped in the app. You can do quaternion at 100Hz + Acc at something like 10Hz to maybe 20Hz which is right at the BLE threshold. You may experience packet loss.

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