Hi, I am new to programming, to begin with, could you provide me a link to commands like how I can clear the data on MMR sensors via Metahub Raspberrypi?
For my research, I need to sync 5 (or 7 if it is possible) sensors and log for 90minutes data collection (I only need accelerometer and gyroscope, both with 50 Hz). Do you think the memory on the sensor is enough for that long?
I tried to collect simple movement with 5 sensors at the same time, it was with 50 Hz, the pattern was correct but the timing wasn't! For example, the duration of data collection was 75 seconds times 50 it should give me 3750 raw data but it gave me 3200 for 3 sensors and 1500 for the other 2. This was only one of the bugs that I got.


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